Fras-le announces 2014 results

Fras-le announces 2014 results
Fras-le announces 2014 results

The year of 2014 for Fras-le started with strong production and sales, but over the months, production levels stabilized and adapted to the reality that occurred throughout 2014, configuring a stable year. “We faced and overcame an adverse scenario, achieving, even so, a sustained growth”, affirmed the CEO of Fras-le, Daniel Randon.

The total number of pieces produced was 94.8 million units, a number that fluctuated by -3.9% compared to 2013. Consolidated net revenue increased by 6.6% compared to 2013, totaling in 2014 the equivalent of R$764.7 million. Consolidated gross profit was presented in 2014 of R$ 204.7 million, with a performance 4.9% higher than in 2013. The consolidated gross margin ended 2014 at 26.8%, oscillating -0.4 percentage points in relation to 2013.

For this year the company works with the expectation of increasing its participation abroad in search of new markets, both through exports and with the greater use of its factories outside Brazil, aiming at a trend that is in line with the the Company's strategic goals of being a Global company.


  • Total gross revenue, before consolidation: R$1.0 billion or 5.9% higher than 2013 and 14.6% higher than 2012;
  • Consolidated net revenue: R$764.7 million or 6.6% higher than 2013 and 15.4% higher than 2012;
  • Net revenue in the domestic market: R$ 406.6 million or 2.1% higher than 2013 and 12.6% higher than 2012;
  • Net revenue in the foreign market: R$ 358.1 million or 12.2% more than 2013 and 18.7% higher than 2012;
  • Fras-le Brazil exports: US$ 94.2 million or 0.6% higher than 2013 and -6.4% lower than 2012;
  • Revenue in the foreign market (Fras-le Brazil exports and units abroad): US$ 152.0 million or 3.1% higher than 2013 and -2.4 % less than 2012;
  • EBITDA: R$ 104.7 million or 0.2% higher than 2013 and 22.0% higher than 2012;
  • Consolidated gross profit: R$ 204.7 million or 4.9% higher than 2013 and 21.6% higher than 2012;
  • Consolidated net income: R$45.0 million or 12.5% higher than 2013 and 79.3% higher than 2012

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