Monroe Axios guides repairmen on the inspection and replacement of the link

Monroe Axios guides repairmen on the inspection and replacement of the link
Monroe Axios guides repairmen on the inspection and replacement of the link

Extremely important for car safety, the connecting rod has the function of stabilizing the vehicle, especially in curves and uneven terrain. The component is what makes the connection of the stabilizer bar to the suspension system, providing greater control of the car in situations of inclination. A reference brand in the manufacture of suspension components, Monroe Axios guides automotive repairers on component replacement and overhaul.

According to Juliano Caretta, Technical Training coordinator at Monroe Axios, the connecting rods must be inspected as recommended by the automaker, every 10,000 kilometers or when the suspension has some kind of problem.“If a defect is found in the part, the replacement should be immediate”, he recommends.

Some signs indicate that the connecting rod may be in trouble. Damaged or torn boot, loose ball pin, noises such as creaking or popping and bent or bent body are indications that the component needs to be replaced.

Application care

According to the Monroe Axios specialist, when replacing the connecting rod, the first care to be taken is checking the application of the product. “Many pieces look similar but have different applications. This care is essential for the proper functioning of the component and vehicle safety”, he explains.

Appropriate tooling

Another important factor is not to use inappropriate tools to assemble the connecting rod. “Some professionals make use of the pneumatic machine, which is not recommended, as it is common for the excessive rotation of the tool to damage the part”, comments Juliano Caretta who adds: “Depending on the type of damage caused, the product may even void the warranty., causing damage to repair professionals”.

Bileta movement

For the connecting rod to be in full working order from the moment it is installed in the vehicle, it is important that the repairman moves the spherical pins of the part, forwards and backwards and also to the sides, before installation. “This maneuver takes the tension out of the assembly of the component and, mainly, lubricates the spherical pins, improving their movement from the first minutes of use.”

Quality parts

The use of quality components avoids the repairman's rework, saving time and money for the workshops, in addition to adding reliability to the service. Monroe Axios connecting rods, for example, have several technologies that guarantee more performance and durability to the parts. “Carbon steel body with controlled hardness, engineering nylon bearing with high strength and durability, spherical pin with controlled finish that guarantees better movement inside the bearing and retainer made of nitrile rubber, which has high resistance to petroleum derivatives such as grease, oil and other products are some of the differentials that make our products a reference in the market”, exemplifies Juliano Caretta.

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